The Vineyard Golf Club opened in the summer of 2002 and it was the first new golf course to be built on Martha’s Vineyard in 30 years. When the original developers walked the 235 acre site in 1998 they envisioned amazing golf and one of the country's finest Clubs. The site had soft ocean breezes and featured lightly rolling hills with gentle undulations - an ideal place for world-class golf.

Before the first member would ever tee off, the developers would have to navigate through one of the Island's toughest regulatory processes in recent memory. Concern for the fragile Island ecosystem was high and resulted in the course becoming among the most environmentally-sensitive ever built. The Club committed to be pesticide-free and to use only organic fertilizers. At that time there were no fully organic models to follow, and many said that it simply could not be done.

Donald Steel and Tom Mackenzie were secured as course architects, Jeff Carlson was recruited to achieve the potentially-impossible task of growing a fully organic golf course and the long and arduous process of developing the Vineyard Golf Club had begun.

Today the Vineyard Golf Club stands as a tribute to what can be accomplished through persistence, collaboration and creativity. Working hand in hand with the local regulatory agencies, naturalists and organic experts from around the world, Carlson and the Grounds Team have established, and continue to maintain, what is reputed to be the most environmentally-sensitive golf course in the world.

In 2010 the initial group of developers moved on and a new nine member Board of Governors was formed to oversee and manage the Club. The Board quickly identified the key areas of focus to ensure that the Club would grow and prosper for the current members and for future generations to come. One of the highest priorities was to remodel the course. In 2012, the Club had the opportunity to improve on the original design by using newly approved land to significantly alter the routing on the front nine. Gil Hanse was chosen for this re-design and the enhancements are significant. The new front nine opened in the spring of 2013 and the back nine work will commence in the fall of 2014 and be completed in time for opening of the 2015 season.