Developing and maintaining what is reputed to be the most environmentally-sensitive golf course in the world is no easy task. From the onset this responsibility fell onto the shoulders of Jeff Carlson, the Club’s Golf Course Superintendent. Working hand in hand with the local regulatory bodies, naturalists and organic experts from around the world, Carlson and his Grounds Team established and continues to maintaining a course that is pesticide free. Conventional pesticides have been replaced with bio-stimulants and composted fertilizers. Nitrogen is used to make turf hardy and increase the growth rate, as Carlson effectively works to "grow the plant out of disease." Carlson explores every organic practice that's available, including nightly application of organic pesticide on the greens and whipping the fairways in the morning to remove moisture and prevent mildew.

Over the last twelve years Carlson has become a global leader in organic course management techniques and he and the Vineyard Golf Club have received numerous awards and recognition. Today, environmentally- conscious courses from around the globe look to the success of Carlson and his expert resources when developing their own natural course management programs.

After twelve years, the course stands as a tribute to what can be accomplished through persistence, collaboration and creativity.